Program Summary

The annual 1st-6th grade poster contest is part of the Kern County Water Agency's Improvement District No. 4’s commitment to educating Kern County students about local water sources and water conservation.  The theme for 2018 was "Save Water, We Are Banking on It!”  Students were encouraged to create a colorful water conservation poster that features water conservation tips and/or the importance of groundwater banking.   

2018 "Save Water, We Are Banking on It!" Poster Contest Winners:

2017 "Rain or Shine, Saving Water All the Time!" Poster Contest Winners:

2016 "Deputies of Water Conservation - Conserving Every Drop" Poster Contest Winners:

2015 "IT'S ALWAYS COOL TO CONSERVE" poster contest Winners:

2014 "capture every drop - be water wise" poster contest Winners: 

2013 "Be a water hero - conserve water" poster contest Winners: 

2012 "use water's a way of life" poster contest Winners: